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Welcome to Adorf

Welcome to our more than 760 year old small town situated in the lovely Vogtland country side!

Federal State: Saxony (Germany)

countryside: low mountain range

How you can get to Adorf

  • by car: junction E 49 / B 92 and B 283
  • by train: to Adorf / Vogtland railway station
  • by bus/coach: direct connection from Berlin and Leipzig on Saturdays and Mondays
  • every day from nearly towns: Hof, Plauen, ...
  • nearest airport: Hof - Plauen, 35 kilometres from Adorf

If you have any questions

Freiberger Straße 8
D - 08626 Adorf /Vogtland
phone: 0049 (0) 37423 / 2247
fax: 0049 (0) 37423 / 78776

Adorf - to the Upper Vogtland

Adorf is located in the south-west of Saxony and this is the geographical triangle "Dreiländereck" Bavaria - Bohemia - Saxony.

In 1293 municipal laws were bestowed on Adorf. Due to the convenient and the skills of its people Adorf became a flourishing town. The economy was dominated by agriculture handicrafts and trade. The age of industrialization had brought a new boom. A carpet-producing factory a textile factory and the mother-of-pearl-production had been established. The pearl oyster and the carpet enterprise "Halbmond" had made Adorf to a well-known industrial town. In recent years Adorf has become a nice holiday region for young and older people.

Where to go in and around Adorf?

Adorf is situated in a beautiful and varying countryside. You will be amazed by the wonderful view which you have from the outskirts of Adorf.

Freiberger Tor

  • it is the old town gate of Adorf
  • it was built between 1768 and 1773
  • the local museum of history has been located in the gate since 1955
  • the Adorf tourist information since 1994 too
  • a special attraction since 1993 - the largest exhibition in Germany on mother of pearl fishing of pearl - oysters and products made of it


  • miniature open-air exhibition
  • lovley small-scale models of buildings with all details and other tourist sights in the Vogtland-area in park-like surroundings
  • opened in June 1995

Botanical Garden

  • has been a part of the "Klein-Vogtland" since 1999
  • the biggest limestone / tuffaceous limestone (Kalktuff) aera in a botanical garden in Germany
  • you can see over 11,000 Alpine plants

Observation Tower Remtengrün

  • it is already the 3rd tower on this place, it was built in 1993
  • a restaurant is near the tower

Adorf market

  • "Euregio Brunnen" - a fountain built in 1999
  • a war memorial
  • the town hall (1896)
  • the St. Michael´s Church (1904 - 1906)

"Saxonian state spa" Bad Elster and Bad Brambach

  • 5 km (Bad Elster) and 14 km (Bad Brambach) from Adorf
  • very large and splendid parks
  • Bad Elster has natural mud and mineral springs
  • Bad Brambach has got radon springs

the town Markneukirchen

  • 5 km from Adorf
  • has a museum of musical instruments from all continents
  • a lot of private companies producing musical instruments

the village Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz

  • place of the German space exhibition
  • the first German astronaut Sigmund Jähn was born here
  • original photos and ESA and NASA exhibits


  • Europe`s only topaz rock
  • topazes from this rock were used on the crown of the Queen of England

You can get information on this and other sights or walking tours at the Adorf tourist information office.

We are looking forward to seeing you.
Welcome to Adorf.